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Q. Why is my site no longer listed on the directory?

In continuously reviewing sites listed on ibetlist, it may have been removed. Alternatively, we may have listed it in a more relevant category. Search your site on the directory or contact us with a specific question.

Q. What’s the difference between the listing options - Regular, Sponsored, and Permanent Site Reviews?

All sites listed are reviewed by human editors and displayed for all to view. The difference is in the length of time the site is displayed under contract, the time period until inclusion, and the position on the category page.

The standard Site Listing is text only, for one year. The link is included within 3 business days, and can be upgraded to the Sponsored Site Review at any time.

Permanent Site Review is for a lifetime, and is included within 24 hours. An upgrade to Sponsored Site Review is available at any time.

Sponsored Site Review is for a one year display, enjoys an express inclusion period of 24 hours, and enhanced top spot position in the category including Sponsor Highlights.

You may upgrade your listing at any time.

Q. I wish to upgrade my Listing Review from the regular directory listing to Permanent Review. What should I do?

This is simply done. Do not place a new order, but rather contact us at Contact us The annual upgrade fee is $40.

Q. I need to make changes to my listing information, which already appears on ibetlist. What should I do?

Email your changes to us at Contact us Be sure to reference the name under which your listing is shown.


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